Stories from those who have endeavoured on the journey of therapy and counselling before. 

I came to see Mizáne with my husband after I discovered that he had an affair. This was my first time ever to visit a counsellor and I was anxiously guarded as I didn't know what to expect. I was extremely heart broken and did not know what to do next. 

From the first session I found Mizáne easy to talk to, she allowed us to open up when we felt ready and used her relaxing techniques whenever she sensed we were experiencing difficulties to continue. This enabled us to go back many years that were clearly having an impact on our daily living. She connected with what we were both feeling and experiencing. She showed us how to listen and hear each other, how to communicate without blaming each other, which really improved  our communication and drew us closer to each other.

She helped us see things in a new light in just a short time. Even though the pains are still there, she helped us cope and deal with it each day. I can't recommend her enough for any couple going through a tough time, especially due to cheating."

Anonymous, Kempton Park

I came to Mizáne incredibly hurt and broken. Having been in therapy with her for 5 months now, I continue to be blown away by her guidance, skills and insight. Mizáne's ability to inspire hope is unparalleled. Her wisdom and kindness sparked strength in me that I didn't know I had.


Therapy can be an extremely rewarding process if you find the right therapist. I found that in Mizáne. 

Linsey, Guernsey