Meet Mizáne Pieterse

Relationship Therapist and Counsellor

We are relational beings - living in relationship with ourselves, our spouse/fiance/partner, our God, our families and our friends. Sometimes relationships are hard and causes al lot of frustration, anxiety, pain and the feeling of disconnection. Therapy is a wonderful tool that provides guidance and facilitation along your journey to healing, growth and aliveness. Relationships are designed to bring life, it is designed to bring colour and fragrance to our lives. We were meant to enjoy healthy and flourishing relationships. 

I believe that every person has a story and that story - filled with joy, pain, heartache, success, failure, rejection and love - has meaning and significance. Having grown up in a divorced household, I have developed a passion for healthy and flourishing relationships. But I have also seen the importance of embarking on the journey to healing and restoration. It is in that very belief that I chose counselling, and more specifically relationship therapy.


My heart is for people - guiding them, listening to them and accompanying them - on their journey towards wholeness. I believe that life is beautiful, I believe that love is beautiful and my desire is to help individuals & couples to recognize it, embrace it, own it, love it and live it within their own story. ​


MA in Pastoral Counselling (North West University)

Clinical Imago Therapist (Imago International)


I am passionate about helping people along their journey to self discovery, connection and healing. 



My approach is to create a safe space for couples so that connection can take place and they begin to learn the beauty of the dance between them. The goal is to guide couples from pain to healing; from projection to self discovery; from blame to empathy and eventually from disconnection to connection where true life, happiness and love can be experienced. 



My approach is to guide individuals seeking guidance and preparation for future and current relationships, or needing healing from broken relationships & divorce. This is done by using various practices and therapy to deal with pain, journey into self discovery and thinking in new ways that influence your own life as well as the relationships you are in.